SimpleRig by Harulily
『Since 2019』

Status :Open waitlist for September✅

About "Harulily"

Live2D Rigger - IndonesiaMy name is read as "Harulily".
I've worked as a freelance Live2D Rigger for more than 3 years.
✦The Live2D model i make is of high quality ,featuring natural three-dimensional effect,high stability,wide-range movement,and anything you can imagine ! .✦You can check all my work on my social media.

Model on display from:

Tier 1

Upper-Body Movement

4 Eye shapes

9 Mouth shapes

Detailed Hair physics

Tier 2

Full Body Movement

12 Eye shapes

15 Mouth shapes

Detailed Full body physics

Model on display from:

Model on display from:

Tier 3

Full Body Movement

90 degree head turn

Detailed Full body physics

Perfect for vtubing usage

details in the rigging package

You will get :
-.MOC3 for vtube studio and any other tracking apps (.cmo3 or sourcefle doesn't include unless you purchase it)

FeatureTier 1 - $499Tier 2 - $699Tier 3 - $1099
Rig Area.Bust Up.Full Body.Full Body.
Head Range (Angle X Y Z).45 Degrees.45 Degrees.90 Degrees.
Body Movement (Angle X).
Body Movement (Angle Y).
Body Movement (Angle Z).
Detailed hair physics (each of piece hair physics).
Detailed cloth physics.
Detailed Body Physics.
Eye shape.4 Eye shapes.12 Eye shapes.12 Eye shapes.
Mouth Shape.9 Shapes.15 Shapes.15 Shapes.
Detailed Accessory physics (example : Liquid).
Work time .14+ days.28+ days.6+ weeks.

Paypal fee & tax doesn't include.


Expression.$10 - $30 each.
Accessory.$5 - $40 each.
Additional outfit.$150 - $400
Additional hairstyle.$50 - $200
PSD layering for only PNG or one layer model .$200 - $300
Mouth X for IOS users only$50.
VBRIDE tracking support.$149
Tongue Out$50
Hand Tracking$200.
PetStart From $70
Custom Pose animation (Example : Hand waving)Start from $100
Custom static pose (Example : Hand holding tea,Microphone,something)Start from $70
Source File30-50% from base rigging price.

Paypal fee & tax doesn't include.


✦If you want a fast process update, please use Twitter DM or Discord with Harulily#8383.✦ Before beginning work, a 50% deposit of the work price is required.No refunds after the model is done.No refund, except i can’t finish your commission.✦I will not rigging NSFW in any form.✦I have the right to use your commission as samples later. I will only use them for my portfolio. (However, if you do not want me to, please let me know).✦It is strictly forbidden to re-sell models without permission.✦Request a .cmo3 file. This is available and will be charged 50% from the normal price, and for study or edit only not allow for copy paste on other models.✦Submit model work on E-mail or Google Drive.✦I only accept PAYPAL and CRYPTOCURRENCY(BITCOIN & MONERO) as payment for oversea clients and use BRI & BCA for local clients.


  1. Send briefs and details of character, the additional option and Tier via DM or email.

  2. I will evaluate the price and I will send a form to confirm

  3. Pay 50% deposit and send the model (.PSD) file (please name the layer in English), I will start working according to the queue in the waiting list and will keep updating the work.

  4. When finished in the process, I will send a Rigging-Sample for check. If you require to get more extra out of the brief, It will be charged an additional price.

  5. Pay the remaining 50%.

  6. When the work is done, I will send the model to your email or in Google Drive ready for use.After getting the model file (ready to use), Please double-check it as there may be some bugs or missing from the project. You can ask for it to be fixed without any charge.

  7. In lower Tier can be upgraded later.(will be counted according to the normal queue and will be added according to the price at that time)




Contact Me

If you have any question about my commission, please send a DM to my social media or you can just send an e-mail by filling the form beside this.
(Note : i will never reply spam massage and mostly i will block them.)
Thank you for your cooperation

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